Building A More Trustless Future

With the power of blockchain, we can disrupt industries and help build a more secure decentralised world.

What we do

We build highly sophisticated blockchain solutions that leave a deep impact in the world.


Private/Public Blockchains

We provide full end-to-end deployment of private/public blockchain services. Deploy more than 5 different kinds of blockchains.

Smart Contracts

Build smart-contracts on EOS, Ethereum, Neo, Tron, Stellar and many more smart-contract enabled blockchain platforms.

Crypto Currency Exchange

Create your own market-place and bring liquidity to your own token with our exchange. Centralised/Decentralised exchanges with support for advanced orders and high TPS.

Protocol Development

We help in designing and implementation of protocols that help communities operate in a decentralised manner

Liquidity Services

With our arbitrage trading bots we can help bring the liquidity you need for your exchange/token.

Mining Support

Our in-house mining rigs can help you bring the hash-power you need to support your cryptocurrency.


World’s second largest crypto news aggregator with more than 100k+ registered users.

Trading Terminal

World’s first Trading Terminal for cryptocurrencies aggregating 100+ crypto exchanges. 

AMLA Chain

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God's Gold

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Who we work with

Entrepreneurs & Startups

We don't shy away projects that have the vision to disrupt the future but want to start small.


Bring trust and security within your own organisations. Increase accountability, reduce human error.

Governments & Enterprises

Our products can provide trust across multiple organisations, governments and entities at a global scale.


Gafoor Khan

Head of Growth & Marketing

Sagar Behara

Blockchain Engineer

Sahil Singh

Frontend Engineer

Ditesh Poojari

Backend Engineer

Rupali Doke

Fullstack Engineer

Sanjay Vatsa

Advisor & Investor

Sourav Sachin


Vivek Lath