Blockchain, ICO and DApp Development

We focus on creating products that disrupt industries and deliver within weeks.

What we do

PoC Development

Get a Proof of concept for a blockchain use-case deployed in a test environment. All PoCs are delivered within 1 week. Perfect for quick validation of a blockchain use-case.

EOS Development

We have highly experienced C++ developers who are well versed with in developing and deploying EOS smart-contracts

Private Blockchain Development

Our team can develop and deploy blockchains for you using IBM/Hyperledger/Azure or any other private blockchain platform.

Ethereum Development

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ICO Development

Looking to launch your own ICO? Our team can help you in the development of the website, payment portal, KYC portal etc.

Decentralized Exchange

We are well versed in creation of decentralized exchagnes


Will I get the source code?

Yes. We document our source code properly and it is included in the base price of all our packages.

Will I get ongoing Support?

All our products come with a support for 6 months for any critical bugs that may arise.

Do you handle Deployment?

Yes. We will help you deploy any of our products into production (Heroku, AWS, Azure or in your private cluster).

Will the products scale up Easily?

Yes, we always design our products keeping scalability in mind. Deployed applications can scale up to take millions of users per second.

Will hackers try to break in?

We have an in-house pen-testing team that’ll analyse and try to make sure that your product is as secure as possible, keeping hackers at bay. All products are resistant to OWASP 10.

Can I make customizations?

Yes. We can performs customizations as simple as design changes to creation of complex algorithms.

Would you like to build something disruptive with us?